My Mother vs. Technology Episode 1

My mother is a very intelligent person, yet for some reason, all the education, intelligence, and street smarts she has obtained over the years meets a bottle neck when she applies it to new technology.  Recently, she got a smart phone for the first time.  My task is to teach her how to learn how to use it.  I find the best method is to teach her in an as hands off an approach as possible.  I submit the following to bring a smile to your face, and perhaps remind you of that person you know who, despite their otherwise intelligent mind, gets tangled up in the new wireless age.


“Stop stop stop!  Don’t hit your phone!”

“I’m not hitting it.  I’m tapping.”

“You’re hitting it.”


“Aaaaah!  What did I do?  HALP!  How did I get here?”


“How do I see my pictures?”


Of course, now that she’s used to using her phone and her nook, we had to have this conversation:


“Mom, my laptop is not a touch screen.”

“Oh, right.”

“Mom!  My laptop is not a touch screen!”

“Right right.  Sorry.  How do you make it do the thing?”

L’sigh, “What thing?”

“That…[points]…make it bigger.”

“You have to use the touch pad.”

“I don’t like mice.  You do it.”


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