Upgrade Your Tea Tin Lid into a Small Tray or Fridge Frame


Here are two ways to reuse the lids of tea tins.  You may have seen some of the posts around the internet (specifically on Pinterest) about adhering magnets to tea tins to use them to hold pens on a fridge and using them for herb planters.

diy-repurposed-tins-02_2011 apartment therapy

Source: Apartment Therapy (click picture for link)


Source: http://www.slosolstice.com (click picture for link)

But what about the lids?  Should we abandon them to a life of unloved obscurity, wasting away in a landfill or the junk drawer, pining for a new life?  I say no!  Love your lids:  upgrade them into small trays or fridge frames.

IMG_3609 IMG_3572

For these projects, I am using Tazo Tea Tin lids.  I swear, I don’t work for Tazo, I just drink a lot of their tea.

Tea Tin Tray


  • Tea Tin Lid
  • Washi Tape
  • Scissors


Start your tea tray tin by wrapping the outside ledge with washi tape.  Your washi tape will probably be wider than the lid of your tea tin lid.  That’s okay!  We’ll fix that later.  Overlap the ends for a continuous look.

IMG_3530 IMG_3531

Your lid will probably look something like this now:


We are going to press that extra washi tape around to what is now the underside of your tray.  The underside of your tray is the top of your tea tin lid.  So, first press down on the tape all around to make sure that it adheres to the metal.  It should look like this:


Next, you need to make three cuts around each corner of the un-adhered washi tape.  One on either side of the corner, and one in the middle of the new corner flap to create two flaps at each corner.  Like so:

IMG_3545 IMG_3546

Now, press down your two corner flaps one at a time.  Do this for each corner.  Doing this will allow the washi tape to lay flatter, and as this will be on the bottom of your tray – flatter is better.

IMG_3549 IMG_3550 

After all the corner flaps are pressed down, it will look similar to this:


Alright, now finish the sides of the tray by pressing the remaining washi tape down.  I used my thumb nail to make sure that it got into the crevice too.

IMG_3560 IMG_3563

Now, cover the inside bottom of your tray with the washi tape of your choice.  I used the same pattern to keep the design simple.

IMG_3564 IMG_3566

Cutting a tiny triangle off the corner edge of your washi tape will make it the rectangular washi tape fit better into rounded corners.


Tea Tin Fridge Frame


  • Tea Tin Lid
  • Washi Tape
  • Scissors
  • Picture (one you don’t mind taping into this frame)
  • Measuring tape
  • Magnets
  • Super glue


First, super glue the magnets to the top side of the tea tin lid (this will become the back of your frame).  I used Gorilla super glue, and discovered that a little goes a very long way.  All the extra glue you see seeping out around the magnets took hours to dry.  The glue between the magnet and the metal – dried in thirty seconds.

IMG_3526 IMG_3575

Next, you’ll need to measure the interior of your tea tin lid.  Whatever picture you plan to use needs to fit with about 1/2 inch of space all around.  If you plan to print out your picture for this project, as I did, you’ll probably want to use the Wallet size on your default printing options.

IMG_3578 IMG_3580

Begin to cover the inside surface of the tea tin lid with washi tape.  Don’t get discouraged if it takes a few tries before it is lined up inside the lid the way you want it.  If you find yourself getting frustrated, set it aside for a bit.  Have a cup of tea, watch an episode of Mad Men or whatever; then resume your project.  Work on a small project like this while flustered and angry rarely makes the job easier.  Be patient, and work slowly.

Again, to make the rectangular tape fit into the corners more easily, cut a tiny corner off.  You can see the small triangle of the corner on my index finger in the picture below.

IMG_3582 IMG_3583

Here is the finished background of washi tape:


Alright, time to get at picture our!  I covered the edges of my picture with washi tape to give the printed image a more finished look.  This will help disguise any imperfections in the cut edges.

IMG_3586 IMG_3589

I used Scotch brand double sided tape to adhere the picture to the tea tin lid.  If you can get the the double stick tape as flush as possible to the edges of the picture.

IMG_3591 IMG_3592

Stick in the picture, and hang it on the fridge!


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