Mini Office in a Footstool

I don’t know about you, but there are definitely times I prefer to work from my comfy chair rather than my desk.  Unfortunately, my comfy chair does not have all the little items my desk has, so I find myself jumping up and down to get things I’ve forgotten.  Well, not anymore!  I have this little black cube of a foot stool, and it’s hollow to accommodate for storage.  You know, the one a lot of people get as part of their small space plans?  However, over the years it has sort of turned into a repository for junk, thus I wanted to make it useful again, and here is what I did with it.

From a Jumbled Mess to Organized and at Hand

Redo Slide 2

First, Empty the Box

Redo Slide 3 again

This may or may not involve finding things you thought were lost, returning items to their proper home that you stashed there in a desperate attempt to keep up the façade of a neat and tidy home, and throwing out junk you weren’t using anyway.

Next, Figure Out What You Need in the Box, and Find Some Gizmos to Organize it.


Looks reasonable.


…but it doesn’t fit.


Found a small two-drawer wooden  chest from Michael’s that I painted years ago.  Hurrah, it fits!


Here, I’m using a Tazo tea tin to hold paper pads, pens, and lotion.


I’m using the lid of the tea tin as a tray to hold small items.  In later pictures, I have placed my knitting on top of it, but it’s still there!


I made my own mini storage bins with tea boxes and washi tape.

Yes, You Were Right, My Friend, There Was More.

Redo Slide 5 again

1.  Paint markers
2.  Handmade journal that I use daily
3.  Another handmade journal
4.  Wireless mouse
6.  Thank You and blank cards.
7.  Knitting that must be kept safe from the cats
8.  More thank you cards – later replaced by my wrist braces.
9.  Art Journal

Inside the Tazo Tea Tin

Redo Slide 6 again
1.  6 little Smash booklets (which can be found here, here, or here)
2.  Three travel size Bath & Body Works lotion bottles
3.  Several pens. I like to have a variety available to me at all times.

Now About Those Mini Storage Bins

Redo Slide 7 again

Tea Boxes make great organizing tools because they have just enough give to put odd shaped items in them.

Redo Slide 8

Use them to corral your earbuds (I don’t like to have anything that might get tangled in the wires with them)

My Comfy Computer Corner

Redo Slide 9

1.  My ledge.  Just wide enough to hold a pot of tea, mug, and cellphone.
2.  Editing board – because sometimes you need to take your eyes off the screen.
3.  Comfy chair! (highly important)
4.  Laptop
5.  Office in a footstool.

Some General Tips

  • Use this space for stuff you want easy access to.  How many of us have gotten one of these things only to cram it with one blanket? Or use it as a last minute hide-away space?
  • Let the organization morph over the next few days to tailor it exactly to your needs.  I have already found myself taking objects out and adding new ones in as I realize that I need to.  In other words, don’t expect to get it perfect on the first go around.
  • Get creative with it!  Are the organization items you have (plastic drawers, trays, etc…) too bulky?  Try using an old spice jar to hold pens, a tea box for hand cream bottles.  Think big, go small.

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